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Custom Team Apparel

Ordering Apparel Made Easy!

Don’t stress, we’ve got your apparel covered!

Does getting things together for ordering team sporting apparel push your blood pressure to levels that would put Jim Harbaugh to shame? Parents are wondering when their child will get an order form for apparel only to later find out their child got it 3 weeks ago! Coaches are spending more time making game plans to track down 50 kids and get their order forms and money turned in than prepping for practice – it’s madness! We’ve made it simple for coaches, athletes, fans, and family.

1. Contact Us

Drop us a line or email to get the ball rolling. We’d love to know more about your program and what type of apparel and style you and your athletes are looking for!

2. We Design

Leave the design work to us. We’ll get you some concepts that you and your team are sure to love. You’ll get graphic mock-ups of each item so you can see what each garment will look like.

3. Order!

Your team will get an online store set up just for your apparel. Friends, fans, and family members can order too! If you need paper order forms we can get you some made up.

4. Get your Shirts!

A deadline will be set for the online store and order forms. Once that time has come we’ll go right into production and get you your shirts and other apparel on time!

Raise money for your team!

We’ll pay you to make your custom shirts and apparel. It sounds crazy, but is very easy and another way we’re making the process easy for ordering team apparel. How does it work? We have pricing for different types of apparel that we’ll go over and you can mark it up so your program can fund-raise some extra dollars. Example: your price for custom shirts is $7 each and your team sells them for $10. If you sell 200 shirts to your athletes, other teachers, friends, family, and the community your team raises an extra $600 that can go towards helping your program. More people will be able to order and have access to your apparel since it will be online! Rather than you giving us money, we’ll be giving it to you.

Ready to make ordering apparel enjoyable again?

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